Down to Earth Landscaping offers a full range of design, construction and maintenance services including consulting, planning and design as well as tractor service and clean ups. We can accommodate any size residential and commercial projects.

Down to Earth Landscaping Project

Consulting, Planning & Design

Perhaps the most critical aspect of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape is in the design. Appropriate design can be beautiful to the senses, rejuvenating to our ecosystem, and increase the livability and value of your property. We can blend your lifestyle and needs with our experience to create a vision of what could be. Consider us for collaborative projects. We can work with a plan from your architect or designer, or help develop your own ideas.

Clean Ups

Whether you want to spruce up a landscape in need of attention or wipe the slate clean for a complete renovation we can help in all levels of site restoration and cleanup.

Down to Earth Landscaping pergola project

Hardscape Construction

We can create patios, pathways, decks, fences, greenhouses. retaining walls, water retention, drainage systems and more. We can design a project using natural building as well as conventional materials.


Our regionís hot and dry summers often require periodic irrigation to optimize the well-being and appearance of plantings. We have the experience to evaluate, design, install and repair irrigation controllers, valves, sprinklers and drip systems.


Whether itís a single tree or an entire yard of new plantings we can procure and install plantings to help realize your landscapeís potential.

Succulent Container by Down to Earth Landscaping in Redwood Valley


We offer a full range of maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Services include pruning of shrubs and trees, mowing of lawns and fields, organic feeding programs, irrigation monitoring, adjustment & repairs, raking, blowing and sweeping. We can put together a plan to meet your unique needs. From seasonal cleanup & pruning to weekly, biweekly or monthly visits, we can set up a program to keep your place looking great.

Tractor Services

Our Kubota tractor is equipped with a loader, back hoe, mower, tiller and chipper to take care of big projects.

"Plant One on Me"

Plant One on Me We are excited to offer a new service for 2011. Indoor & outdoor container accent plantings can now be rented or purchased for special events or ongoing site enhancement. Green and floral arrangements can be included for events and occasions. Possibilities include weddings, parties, performances and holidays for short term rentals. We also offer sales, rental & maintenance of beautiful mixed container and specimen plants for home or business. Allow us to maintain your planters with seasonal inserts.

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